The philosophy of Geistlich Pharma AG

Geistlich Pharma AG is specialised in regenerative medicine. Medicine differentiates between two methods of healing: repair, where artificial joints are used, and regeneration, where the healing of the body's own tissue is promoted. The goal is to return some quality of life to people. Geistlich Pharma AG attaches great importance to developing products in a sustainable and responsible manner. These products are scientifically tested until they meet the company's high standards with regard to quality, safety and efficacy.

In recent years Geistlich Pharma AG experienced a steady growth - despite difficult international market conditions. This owes the company not only its geographical width or attractive product pipeline. Behind this success story are in particular the employees of Geistlich Pharma AG. Their motivation and commitment coupled with a high expertise form the basis for the long-term and sustainable business success. In this spirit, Geistlich Pharma AG attaches great importance to a corporate culture that promotes and respects the employees' commitment to strive for maximum quality at all times. The core values pioneer, regeneration expert, connected, scientific and family define the corporate culture of Geistlich Pharma AG.

“The focus of Geistlich Pharma is on regeneration; the company aims to support the body's regenerative processes with its biological products.”
Dr. Terance Hart, CSO Geistlich Pharma AG


By 2020, Geistlich Pharma wants to expand its market leadership in the dental medicine sector and develop the business divisions Geistlich Surgery and Geistlich Medical further and drive them forward. With this in mind, the company is planning to develop new regenerative products, use existing products in new areas of application and open up new geographical markets. The focus is on sustainable development of innovations and making them ready for market in a responsible manner.


Dr. Mirjam Kessler
Director Corporate Communications