Geistlich Pharma AG draws on a global network of experts and specialists

Since the beginnings of biomaterials in the 1980s, it has been important for Geistlich Pharma to understand the clinical needs of the customers so that they can treat their patients correctly and on the basis of scientific data collect evidence for the efficacy and safety of the products. Consequently, right from the outset, Geistlich Pharma has been collaborating with leading scientists, researchers and clinicians in the development of the Geistlich biomaterials. It is also important for Geistlich Pharma to provide practitioners with science and therefore organises numerous practical workshops and presentations at congresses and in collaboration with universities.

"Geistlich can draw on a wide network of experts around the world.”
Dr. Terance Hart, CSO Geistlich Pharma

Exchange with experts locally

In addition to its scientific network, Geistlich Pharma also maintains intensive contact with the experts locally in the countries: Thanks to ten affiliates and more than 60 distribution partners, Geistlich Pharma is represented on all five continents and has a balanced geographical presence. Only when clearly defined parameters are met does the company establish an affiliate in a country. For its geographical expansion Geistlich Pharma favours sustainable growth. In addition to sales and marketing of Geistlich biomaterials, it is the task of the affiliates to develop and expand the scientific network locally. In its expansion strategy, it is important for Geistlich Pharma to act in the selection of the countries as affiliates, in line with the motto “Quality instead of quantity”.


Dr. Mirjam Kessler
Director Corporate Communications