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25. January 2020

Hard & Soft Tissue Grafting Workshop

Rajan Dental Institute, Chennai
INR. 35,000 (Incl. GST)
Prof. Dr. Gunaseelan Rajan Dr. Neel Bhatavadekar

This two days course has sessions which are comprised of lectures, hands-on exercise, live surgery and interactive discussions on hard and soft tissue grafting in Implants. Hands-on exercises will cover grafting, sinus lift and suturing techniques. This course is aimed at practicing Implantologits who are proficient at rehabilitating patients with dental implants and want to extend their basic skill to efficiently manage and manipulate the soft tissue and hard tissue around the dental implants for better results.


  • Treatment planning and patient selection for different grafting procedures
  • Evidence based approach to the sequence of soft and hard tissue augmentation.
  • Learn flap design, management and suturing
  • Choosing right technique and right armamentarium for specific case
  • Learn to choose right material for grafting for specific case
  • Learn how to prevent and treat complications