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20. June 2020

Master class in Hard & Soft Tissue Management

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Dr. Tarun Kumar

Exclusive course on Hard & Soft Tissue Management by Dr. Tarun Kumar on Sinus Grafting, Ridge preservation, Guided Bone Regeneration, Barrier selection, Post-operative protocol, Bone harvest regions & techniques, Complication management etc.

Course Highlights:

  • Biology of hard and soft tissue grafting
  • Immediate implant placement & temporization
  • Socket preservation & temporization
  • Up to date clinical & scientific review of bone substitutes
  • Small & large volume bone & soft tissue augmentation
  • Vertical bone augmentation
  • GTR using membranes and Sinus augmentation: Crestal vs Lateral
  • Barrier selection & fixation devices
  • Bone harvest regions and techniques
  • Principles and Practice of Mucogingival Biology & Surgical Procedures around Dental Implants
  • Re-establishment of the vestibule after vertical and horizontal augmentation.