Post-operative care

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Post-operative care is an area where you can contribute to the success of your procedure.


  • Maintain your oral hygiene even if the surgical site itself may not be brushed with a toothbrush for a certain time.
  • Use antibacterial mouth wash as prescribed by your dentist.
  • Treat swelling with moist-cold pads.
  • Consult your dentist regarding pain.
  • Make sure that you visit your dentist for a follow-up appointment.



  • Do not neglect your oral hygiene.
  • Do not brush or floss at the site of surgery for 1 week after surgery. A toothbrush with especially soft bristles can usually be used for cleaning the teeth in the vicinity of the wound.
  • Do not drink coffee or alcohol and do not smoke cigarettes for 2-3 days after surgery.


The information in this website is solely provided for information purposes. Such information is not meant to be a substitute for advice provided by a dentist.


Verena Vermeulen
Group Lead Clinical Marketing