Why is a treatment beneficial?

It is worth regenerating bone and gum tissue.

Strong and beautiful teeth boost your feeling of well-being and self-confidence and enhance your personal appeal - both in your private and professional life. Therefore, responsible dentists and dental surgeons today plan very accurately how missing teeth can be replaced and diseased teeth can be best treated, to restore your quality of life.

Bone and gum regeneration are important factors in your dental procedure. Treatment planning can benefit you by:

  • Back to a healthy smile
    Regeneration of bone and gums help to restore your smile.

  • Providing a long-term solution
    Regeneration of bone and gum tissue around dental implants can be crucial for a long implant life and an aesthetically pleasing result.

  • Providing treatment planning flexibility
    Regenerative measures to prevent shrinkage of the ridge after tooth extraction give you the flexibility to choose the right solution for you - from an implant or a bridge restoration.


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Verena Vermeulen
Group Lead Clinical Marketing