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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Application procedure
How do I best apply?
The first impression counts! In order for us to receive the most detailed picture possible of your qualifications and interests, your particulars should be carefully compiled and be comprehensive. Please send your application to recruiting@geistlich.ch. Your data are thus passed directly to the HR responsible. This way we can speed up the application procedure. 
Where do I find the jobs available?
Look at jobs or enter individual search words.
Which documents should be submitted with an application?
Your application should contain a covering letter and your CV, as well as references and diplomas. For an application by email you can enclose these as attachments.
What happens to my data after an application?
Your application is stored by us in our recruitment database. The data contained in your profile is treated confidentially and is used exclusively for the purpose of your application. Your data is only stored by us for as long as you are in the application process. When the recruiting process is completed without subsequent employment, your data will be deleted.
What is the application procedure like at Geistlich Pharma AG?

For a decision on selection we would like to have a comprehensive impression of your capabilities, qualifications and your personality.

First interview:

After carefully checking your application documents and a positive assessment, you will be invited to a personal interview. During this interview one representative from the HR department and one from the appropriate specialist department will be present. The focus is on you as a person, individual sections of your CV and specialist questions. We would like to know why you are interested in the position and how you match the culture at Geistlich Pharma AG.

Second interview:

In a second interview we go more deeply into your specialist knowledge and clear up any unresolved questions from the first interview. We would also very much like to introduce you to other team members. Use this as an opportunity to ask us questions.

How do I apply for an apprenticeship?

You can view all our vacant apprenticeships here. Remember: first impressions count! For us to get a comprehensive idea of your skills and interests, the information you supply should be accurate and detailed. Please send all your application documents (cover letter, CV, school reports, “Stellwerk” and/or “Multicheck” test) to berufsbildung@geistlich.ch. The information you give us is sent directly to the training managers.

What is the apprenticeship application process at Geistlich Pharma AG like?

To make a professional decision, we want to gain a comprehensive overview of applicants’ abilities, skills and personalities. We wait until early September for all the applications to come in.

School grades and our requirements linked to the apprenticeship are extremely relevant for pre-selection. You can find detailed information about the relevant apprenticeship in the Downloads section.

Initial meeting:
After carefully reviewing your application and making a positive assessment, we invite you and the other candidates to an initial meeting. Depending on the apprenticeship, this involves an assessment (exercises or test), an aptitude test, or a trial half-day or day. The training managers and vocational trainers for your specialist field attend this meeting.

Second meeting:
At the second meeting we go into more detail and clarify any questions we have from the initial meeting. This gives you an opportunity to gain some insight into your future activities and contribute as well. The discussion that follows will focus on you and your particular motivation for doing the apprenticeship. We want to know why you are interested in the apprenticeship, whether you are a good fit with us (company culture) and whether you feel comfortable.

We will be happy to introduce to you other team members and/or apprentices. Make use of this opportunity to ask us questions.

Apprenticeship agreement:
By the end of October at the latest we will have selected those applicants we want to support as they embark on their careers and we invite you and your parents to another meeting. During the meeting we will discuss all the details of the apprenticeship agreement, such as salary, working hours and vocational college, and will cover any queries you or your parents may have. The highpoint is naturally when all the parties sign the agreement. At the end there is a brief visit to your future workplace, so that your parents know where you will be working during your apprenticeship.

Is there an option to attend a taster day at Geistlich Pharma?

Every year we offer high school students several taster days in the laboratory, irrespective of whether or not they are applying for an apprenticeship. Unfortunately, however, given the great interest in all the other careers, we can only offer this in conjunction with an application for an apprenticeship.

During the taster day, you and other potential candidates visit our workplace and get an initial idea of what day-to-day life during your apprenticeship might look like. In each department there will be a member of staff looking after you and showing you a range of jobs and tasks. An apprentice is usually also on hand. The day is designed to give you an insight into the many varied processes at work. You will have an opportunity during the day to ask any questions you may have.

Please email a cover letter, CV and school reports from the last school year to berufsbildung@geistlich.ch in advance. After receiving your documents, we will contact you promptly with other information.