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SafeScraper® TWIST curve Volumizer

Developed from the long-standing experience of the META SAFESCRAPER family, the SafeScraper TWIST curve VOLUMIZER offers the same proven performance while collecting a larger volume of bone with every scrape.

The Volumizer bone scraper has 2 cuts on the scraping edge of the blade with optimises it to collect a greater volume of bone in a single pass compared to the regular model. This increased efficiency not only saves time during surgical procedures but also potentially reduces the need for multiple incisions or scrapings, leading to a faster healing process and improved patient comfort.

The gathered bone, now mixed with blood, is prepared for delivery to the surgical site or can be combined with Geistlich Bio-Oss®. Additionally, it may be kept temporarily under sterile conditions within the clear chamber.

SafeScraper® TWIST curve Volumizer Product Information

SafeScraper® TWIST curve Volumizer usage