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Geistlich Mucograft®

User Benefits

Geistlich Mucograft® is a collagen matrix designed specifically for soft-tissue regeneration in the oral cavity1. It is indicated for gaining keratinized tissue2,3,4  and for recession coverage5,6.

Geistlich Mucograft® provides an alternative to autologous soft-tissue grafts2,4,5,6. Painful harvesting of tissue is avoided, benefiting patients and clinicians alike.

Leading clinicians rely on Geistlich Mucograft®:

  • No harvest-site morbidity2,3,5-7.
  • Less pain compared with autologous grafts2,4.
  • Reduced surgical chair-time compared with autologous grafts2-6.
  • Natural soft-tissue colour and texture match5,8,9.
  • Early vascularization and good soft-tissue ingrowth10,11.
  • Good wound healing, also in open situations2.
  • Easy handling2 and application in a dry state.

Geistlich Mucograft® consists of two structures: the compact structure provides stability while allowing open healing; the spongy structure supports blood clot stabilization and ingrowth of soft-tissue cells.


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* Mucograft® (prototype) exhibited highly similar physical, mechanical and biological properties to the final product Geistlich Mucograft® differing only in the porcine collagen source used.


Geistlich Mucograft®

Geistlich Mucograft® is easy to handle compared with autologous soft-tissue grafts1:

  • Unlimited availability and consistent quality.
  • No need for pre-treatment or pre-hydration.
  • Measure the defect and trim the matrix to the required shape.
  • Apply the dry Geistlich Mucograft® to the defect; it will moisten rapidly due to marked hydrophilicity.
  • Position the compact structure facing outwards and the spongy structure towards the bone or periosteum.
  • Soaked matrix adapts spontaneously to contours and adheres well to defect.
  • The compact structure provides optimal suture pull-out strength.


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Product Range

Geistlich Mucograft® consists of porcine collagen and is specifically designed for soft-tissue regeneration. The matrix is available in three sizes:

Treatment concepts – Geistlich Mucograft® & Geistlich Mucograft Seal®